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What are the trends for web development 2024?

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Jean-François Arnaud
Jean-François ArnaudCEO of Blacksmith

Which technologies will dominate in 2024?

Web technologies are evolving and it is important to follow the news and stay up to date in order to avoid being overtaken.

In this article, we'll take a look at the web development technologies and trends that are set to gain momentum in 2024.

Which technologies will dominate in 2024?

1) PWAs - Why choose Progressive Web App?

Even if PWAs aren't new, the technology is gaining momentum over the past few months.

As a reminder, a PWA is a web application that works like a site but offers a mobile experience very similar to that of a native application.

It runs independently within the browser and allows its user to interact with it as if it were a native app, appearing in the middle of other apps on a smartphone and can even work offline.

With lower development and maintenance costs than creating a native mobile application on Android and iOS, PWAs are easy to create if the site or web application to be embedded within the app has already been developed in JavaScript (or via a JS framework like Next.js, React...).

PWAs can deliver a mobile app MVP faster and cheaper than developing a native mobile app.

2) Dark Mode - What is the reason for dark mode?

Dark mode is an option to save energy (useful for saving battery power and consuming less electricity), but also to limit eye fatigue and improve readability in environments with little light .

Its use is becoming more and more standardized even if studies tend to show that it does not always make it possible to limit eye fatigue, especially when used in bright environments (in these cases, it is much easier to read black text on a white background).

Development level, the dark mode is quite easy to implement using media queries in CSS and a little JavaScript.

The dark mode option is becoming increasingly popular with the rise of this trend in digital sites and products.

3) Accelerated Mobile Pages - What is the advantage of AMP pages?

Resulting from a project between Twitter and Google aimed at creating accelerated pages on mobile, AMP are pages that are very light and load almost instantly to offer a lighter version of the content.

To obtain this result, the code and the queries executed must be reduced as much as possible in order to have a reduced loading time (2 seconds on average).

AMPs are easily recognizable in your Google searches by the presence of a small lightning logo ⚡️

For now, the main sites that use AMP are press sites, such as CNBC or even

3) Accelerated Mobile Pages - What is the advantage of AMP pages?

4) Serverless architectures - What is the main goal of serverless computing architecture?

While this technology is not new (we were already implementing many serverless architectures with AWS Fargate in 2019 at Blacksmith), the trend to create serverless architectures continues to grow.

The advantages of a serverless architecture are mainly scalability and savings.

By letting a cloud host such as AWS manage its infrastructure and servers, developers and businesses no longer have to worry about server setup and maintenance costs.

Thanks to a serverless infrastructure, webapps can directly scale and decrease according to traffic, without the need to update their server manually.

5) Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning - What is AI and ML concepts?

With the growing popularity of Chat-GPT, the use of AI in web development is becoming increasingly important.

It is now possible to have your code proofread by an AI like Chat-GPT or GitHub Copilot so that it can tell us where any bugs are, but also to directly provide you with improvements and code snippets (unit tests, functions...).

Many tools, libraries, APIs such as Deeplearn.js, TensorFire or ML.js also allow you to directly integrate AI or Machine Learning (ML) bricks into your web developments.

5) Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning - What is AI and ML concepts?

6) Other web development trends in 2024

Other trends will continue to develop in 2023, such as:

  • popular React.js, Vue.js or Angular frameworks

  • Single Page Applications (SPA), which allow you to load a single HTML page which will then be updated according to the needs of the visitor, without refreshing the page

  • voice search, which is increasingly used in American homes thanks to connected devices such as Google Home, Siri or Alexa

  • webapps and JAMStack sites

  • development on blockchains, for example with Solidity

  • eco-design, which aims to limit the consumption and CO2 emissions of its website

Read this article to learn about the stack our web development agency uses in 2024, and if you want help developing cutting-edge digital sites, apps and products, contact us at

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