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Why you should use Next.js for your front-end developments?

Jean-François Arnaud
Jean-François ArnaudCEO of Blacksmith

The Next.js framework

Created in 2016 and based on the React framework (developed by Facebook), Next.js is a JavaScript framework used for creating user interfaces.

Next.js allows developers to create scalable and high-performance web applications, while respecting industry best practices.

The framework supports Typescript which does static type checking and allows for better code quality that is easier to maintain.

Next.js offers interesting routing features: developers can create routes dynamically or directly for each page of the application.

It also offers many features to facilitate deployment (under Github, Vercel, Pages...) and unit/integration testing of developed applications.

Finally, the framework is also known for its ability to manage server-side rendering (SSR for Server Side Rendering) for applications whose content is sent by the server after pre-rendering, which improves performance. of these apps.

Pre-rendered apps are also good for SEO because they are better indexed by search engines.

So here we have a powerful Javascript framework that allows you to create modern, high-performance applications and that supports Typescript to produce quality code that is easy to maintain.

It is for all these reasons that our front-end developers use Next.js on most of the products that we develop in custom code (tailor-made).

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