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How can I launch my tech startup without a CTO

Jean-François Arnaud
Jean-François ArnaudCEO of Blacksmith

How can I start my tech startup without a CTO

Many entrepreneurs face a first barrier to creating their tech startup: the lack of technical skills to get started.

If wanting to launch your tech startup without CTO or developers can be discouraging, it is still possible.

Let's take a look at some tips for getting started:

1) Identify their needs: To create an MVP of your product, you may not immediately need a developer. What is your exact need? Create a showcase site? An e-commerce site? A mobile app?

This may be possible with SaaS available online.

We will thus find:

- WooCommerce, Shopify or BigCommerce to create your e-commerce site without having to code

- Wordpress, Webflow, Strikingly, Wix to create a showcase site without knowing web development

- Bubble, Glide or Adalo to create web and mobile applications without having done 42

These tools can allow you to create a first MVP that will allow you to test the market and validate the relevance of launching your project.

With this MVP, you may be able to win first orders or even convince investors to finance your business and thus be able to recruit developers or call on a web agency such as Blacksmith.

Can't get hold of these tools? Contact a specialized web agency.

2) Your product IS technical and you need a custom-made product?

No need for a CTO to recruit developers or call on freelancers or a web agency to do your custom developments.

To facilitate the financing of these developers, you can rely on devices that help entrepreneurs, such as zero-interest loans, scholarships or subsidies (for example the French Tech scholarship).

Some providers, such as Blacksmith, are CII (Innovation Tax Credit) approved, which means that you can recover up to 20% of the amount of the provider's invoices from the moment the services are linked to innovation expenses.

3) You need a CTO to carry the technical vision of the company and ensure investor meetings.

While waiting to find the rare pearl, you can call on a CTO As A Service (or interim CTO) who will be able to help you transcribe your needs into a detailed brief that you can send to a technical service provider.

He can also help you choose the service provider to work with, test the deliverables received, audit the quality of your service provider's code or even accompany you during meetings with clients or investors.

This can be a good solution while finding the CTO who will join your company for the long term.

How can I start my tech startup without a CTO

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