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What are the differences between UX Design and Product Design?

Jean-François Arnaud
Jean-François ArnaudCEO of Blacksmith

What is UX Design?

UX Design, or user experience design, is the set of disciplines that aim to improve the quality of a user's experience when interacting with a product, service or system.

UX Design includes the study of a product's usability, accessibility, ergonomics, empathy, usefulness and usability, as well as the design of solutions to optimize these aspects of user experience.

UX Design professionals use user-centered research and design methods to understand user needs, motivations, and behaviors, and to design solutions that meet those needs in an intuitive, engaging, and effective way.

The goal of UX Design is to create products that are easy to use, enjoyable to use, and useful to users, which can help improve user satisfaction and loyalty.

UX Design is often used in the development of digital products and services, such as websites, mobile apps, software and online systems, but it can also be applied to other areas, such as industry, healthcare, fashion and retail.

What is UX Design?

What are the differences between UX Design and Product Design?

Product design and UX design are two areas of design that have similar goals and approaches, but are slightly different in their focus and scope.

Product design is the set of disciplines that aim to design physical or digital products in such a way as to make them attractive, useful and easy to use.

This includes: designing a product's appearance, functionality and interactions, as well as researching and analyzing user needs and behaviors.

Product design therefore focuses on the design of products as such, while UX design focuses on the user experience of products.

At Blacksmith, we create digital products in accordance with ergonomic best practices.

When developing complex products, such as web or mobile applications, we regularly go through a wireframing phase to focus on the user experience without being biased by the visual aspect of the product.

Once the wireframes have been validated with the accompanied client, we can move on to the model creation phase, which will be taken as a reference by the developers during the model integration stage.

We also offer UX audit services where we support our clients in the study and proposal of UX recommendations for the redesign of their websites, web and mobile applications, e-commerce, marketplaces or even SaaS platforms.

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