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6 major trends to watch in web design for 2023

Jean-François Arnaud
Jean-François ArnaudCEO of Blacksmith

6 major trends to watch in web design for 2023

Design trends are changing rapidly, and it's important to be up to date on a regular basis at the risk of being overwhelmed!

In this article, we're going to take a look at 6 key trends that are set to shape web design in 2023 and beyond.

6 major trends to watch in web design for 2023

The Brutalism

"Back to Brutalism" is a trend inspired by an architectural movement that originated in the 1950s and spread through the 1970s.
It is characterized by the use of raw, unrefined materials, such as concrete, steel, glass and brick, to create functional and durable buildings.

It is therefore a great return to the basics without style, which stands out from other trends.

It joins ecodesign with a basic structure and reminds us of the first interfaces of the 1990s where CSS did not exist.

It is at the antipodes of current trends as a rejection of current trends.

The design of the Bloomberg website and Balenciaga perfectly illustrates brutalism.

The Brutalism

AI and generative art

Since 2022 AI has took over the world with the emergence of programs such as Midjourney, Stable diffusion or DALL E (Open Ai).
More and more agencies, creatives and curious people are immersing themselves in art generative.

Web designers will increasingly use artificial intelligence to improve user experience and personalize content according to user preferences.

If it seduces as much as it can frighten, AI remains an accessible way to create creative assets.

Inclusive and accessible design

Inclusive design is a hot topic, it allows the representation of all, to create designs that are accessible to all, without discrimination or exclusion.

This involves visuals, texts and accessibility.

It is a way to be user-oriented and to provide real solutions to problems.
Inclusive design will also include the use of contrasting colors to improve font readability.

In the next few years, inclusive design will have great importance for companies and organizations.


Ecodesign is an approach whose goal is to reduce the environmental impact of the product that will be designed and developed.

This practice encompasses several key actions, such as using a simple and light design, hosting with a green host, optimized web development and an effective UX/UI in order to reduce its impact on the environment while maintaining a optimal user.

Did you know that there are fonts like Ryman Eco or Garamond (the most economical/ecological) which saves up to 33% ink on printing!

Want to know more about the subject? Read our article on eco-design ;)


3D elements are increasingly used in web design to create rich and immersive visual experiences.
There are more and more tools for creating 3D objects.

VR and AR

Metaverse, NFT, Web3... ever more immersiveness and interactivity to put users at the heart of the experience.
VR and AR are widely used in fields such as education, commerce or health.

Its use is only increasing in marketing, graphic design and web design.

2023... and then?

2023 announces many trends that will mark the future of design for the next few years!

Eco-design brings us back to more sobriety and brutalism reminds us that fashions and trends are cyclical… let’s hope skeuomorphism doesn’t come back just yet 😅

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