We do a lot of things in the internet, especially across design, code and devops.

About Blacksmith

We turbocharge startups and corporates with technology and cookies, by providing them expertise and opportunities to build and scale.

We're your designer, developer, advisor, devops, cloud architect, and co-founder, all in one nice future-forward package.

Incentivised with equity, cash, or a hybrid of the two, we can ensure your idea can come to life in all its glory.

Our services

End-to-end Design

From product, service and experience design right through to visual, branding, print, and digital design.

We take your ideas, looks, feelings and moods, and help turn them into beautiful, usable and functional experiences.

Advertising and Marketing

With our team experience in advertising and marketing, we can help you find your market fit and outshine the competition.

Together we'll research, test, evaluate, iterate, disrupt and hack for sustainable growth.


We pride ourselves on our coding bravado, and our ability to execute quickly and efficiently.

We can build secure API architecture, online platforms, engaging promotional websites, and full spectrum mobile app development to strengthen your business.

DevOps Experts

We have years of experience helping our partners deliver for millions - startups & corporates alike.

Our DevOps engineers help you improve your architecture while reducing your costs.

Business and Investment

Partnering with a number of VCs, business angels and private investors, we've got a great network of experts to tap when you need expertise and mentoring.

Being entrepreneurs ourselves, we can guide you through the process of business creation, management, investment rounds, and much more.

Some of our projects, clients and partners.

We've started a few of our own ventures and also work with some very cool cats.

Here's a logo grid with some projects, clients and partners we've been involved with.

Their words.

"Blacksmith's ability to create quality hi-tech digital platforms and products in a short amount of time is impressive, a huge help for early-stage ventures."

"We've been working intensively with Blacksmith on the front-end/JS development of Unilend's revamped website.

We're very happy with the result: a pixel-perfect, responsive and functional website with very clean code that needed little to no adaptation to our existing codebase to go live."

"Blacksmith excels in digital product design and production and is the perfect partner to supercharge your business idea."

"High level technicians, a huge network on the technology market, managers, advisers and experts in early-stage investment. Blacksmith will boost your project to transform it into a true, high-growing venture."

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