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Writing a blog in 2022?

Jean-François Arnaud
Jean-François ArnaudCEO of Blacksmith

Writing a blog in 2022?

Blacksmith has been supporting entrepreneurs since 2016 in the digital world, more particularly on design, web and mobile development or cloud issues.

We have thus co-founded many startups, but also accompanied entrepreneurs from Paris & Co during CTO office hours or even students from the MIAGE entrepreneurs program with several teams mentored since 2015.

It was therefore logical to complete this approach by creating more qualified content to answer questions that entrepreneurs may encounter on tech, design, marketing or business topics.

Writing a blog in 2022?

What topics will be covered?

We will go into more detail in the technologies, products, SaaS that we use, but also in recruitment and management advice.

Some questions we will answer soon:

- How to create light, fast and secure sites thanks to the JAMstack?

- How to improve the well-being of your team?

- Why use a Headless CMS (Strapi 🥰)?

- What tools should be put in place to organize telework for your team?

- What is Blacksmith's favorite stack and why?

- How to set up a JAMstack with Next.js and Vercel?

- What is UX Design?

- How to reduce the carbon impact of your websites thanks to eco-design?

- How to use the GSAP Javascript library to create animations?

- Vue.Js, Angular.js, React.js which JS stack to choose?

- How to organize your 5-day design sprint?

- What is an MVP?

See you soon !

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