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NestJS : the node.js framework to build modern apps

Jean-François Arnaud
Jean-François ArnaudCEO of Blacksmith

NestJS : the node.js framework to build modern applications

Created in 2017, and inspired by the Angular framework, NestJS is an open source node.js framework for creating backends for scalable, efficient and easy-to-maintain applications.

The framework is inspired by the best development methods such as the MVC design pattern (Model View Controller) that can also be found in frameworks such as Ruby on Rails or Angular.

NestJS leverages TypeScript, allowing the use of static type checking and classes for better code quality/maintainability and overall error reduction.

NestJS makes it easy to create GraphQL or REST APIs, but also microservices, serverless applications or real-time applications.

It allows you to set up a scalable architecture for your application, using concepts such as guards, interceptors or even pipes.

The framework also offers built-in support for:

- the main databases such as PostgreSQL, MySQL or MongoDB

- automated tests, allowing among other things to check the functionalities and the code quality of your codebase before deploying

NestJS is a versatile and powerful Node.js framework, which allows building modern and quality apps while maintaining high level code standards and code quality.

It is for all these reasons that NestJS is part of the Blacksmith web development stack and that we use it very regularly in our clients' web projects.

Want to launch a project in Nest.js? Contact us ;)

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